September 12, 2013

The Truth

Does the truth REALLY set you free? Is the truth an absolute good thing? I don't so. While I don't advocate lying, I don't think the truth is necessarily a good thing. In my opinion, the truth or a lie can both be as harmful or as beneficial.

When we think we know the truth or are the keepers of the truth, we should realise that The Truth doesn't necessarily exist. It will always be the truth as you believe it to be. Have you ever heard of the parable about the blind men and the elephant? Keep in mind that you might not have all the information and as such your version of the truth could (and most likely would) be biased.

There comes a time in our life when we might think it's our duty to tell someone the truth. To 'enlighten'  them or maybe to help them 'see the error of their ways.' At such a time, we should sit and ask ourselves the whys and wherefores. What are we trying to accomplish by doing this? Will it really do the person no harm? Are we doing this to make ourselves look or feel better? Is it even ours to tell? Even when someone approaches us and asks us to tell them the truth, we should ponder these questions. Providing or withholding information should be a well-thought and conscious decision. I'm not condoning lying, but the truth shouldn't be told always. Sometimes, we should hold our peace.

The same thoughtfulness and caution should be exercised when we go on a quest for the truth. Are you even entitled to know the truth you're seeking? Why do you want to know? Why would you even want to know? What are you planning to do with the information? Do you really want to know that your friend is cheating on his or her partner? Why do you think you should know if a total stranger, or even an acquaintance, is gay or straight? Is it your place to ask someone if they are pregnant?

Any act that proves to be harmful to a third party because we either didn't think it through or initiated it for purely selfish reason can be seen as an act of evil. While we should strive to be truthful in our time here on this world, or primary mission should be to 'harm none.' While my premise is based on my particular belief system, most moral codes include a similar statement.

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