November 12, 2011

Still going on

I just realized how long it's been since I last posted something on my blog. I keep finding new things to write about. Once home, they slip my mind. It must be an age thing. :)

I've been limiting my time at the keyboard lately due to health issues. My shoulder has been acting up again and we're at an impasse. It doesn't take the hint that it should just buckle up and get back to work and I wont take the hint that it might be a good thing to visit a doctor.

With all respect for these learned individuals, I never seem to get a clear-cut answer out of any one of them. Maybe I just expect too much.

These past months have been yet another roller-coaster experience. Not going to think too much about the negatives right now. There are much memories.

Folks, I got a baby brother. How many people in their forties can say that? Who cares that he's in his early twenties by now? He's still the Benjamin among us. We're forging a relationship and making up for lost time.

Maybe we three brothers should go have some kind of team-building experience. Would be hilarious.

Just a thought for all the people out there who have issues with their siblings or are estranged:
"Family above all" and "Blood will out"

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