October 9, 2010

Netherlands Antilles: The end of an era

The time is coming to say a heartfelt "Fare thee well" to our sister-islands in what was the Netherlands Antilles. Though we're spreading our wings and going our separate ways, let us not forget the good times. Let's pledge to be there for another, now and in the future.
A big thank you also to all who worked hard to get us to this point. Let us not forget the people who fought hard for the first "Statuut voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" that formed the Netherlands Antilles. This was the first step of on long road we marched.
Let us take a moment also to remember also people like G.F.Croes who set the precedence and achieved Status Aparte for Aruba in 1986. He fought for this same thing for his island and he too achieved it in 1986.
Let us also be thankful for all who did their best to make the Netherlands Antilles function all these years. A big thanks to all those who through the years were our worthy representatives in their respective fields.
Let all of us who where born as Dutch Antilleans spend these last hours to show the world that we are a nation of individuals who can make their country proud of them.
Fare thee well
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