January 11, 2014


As new calendars get bought and we all try to get used to writing c.q. typing 2014 in stead of 2014, it's as good a moment as any for a retrospective.

Someone on Facebook asked: 
"If you had a chance to write a letter to yourself and have it delivered twenty years ago, what advice would you give yourself?"
I had a thousand and one answers ready, all rooted  in what is socially expected and acceptable. but then, the implication of these answers hit me. Advising myself to do anything other than what I have already done, means regret.  

As we live and learn, we are formed and moulded. We are the sum of our past experiences, the result of all our interactions. The good and the bad, there is no shadow without light.  If we undo our past experiences, we undo the lessons we've learned, we change into someone else. Another version of ourselves. 

As so nicely song by Edith Piaf, Je ne regrete rien. 

Don't take this stance as me being callous in any shape, way or form. There are enough situations that could have been  handled more elegantly, leading to less people feeling hurt. It might have been better to not undertake some action, or to act (faster.) That is all true. But looking at it all in an ego-centric way and rooted in my actual present, I can't but say that I wouldn't have changed a single thing.

What I can say is that I hope we all live and learn.

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