September 19, 2009

Blog moving house

In just a bit over a month, I will need to renew "". After thinking things over, I decided that this will be the last time that I renew this domain.

This domain name is a remnant of a time and place past. I reclaimed and used it, only because the domain name I have now was not available. Since registering, there is no real need to hold on to this old domain name, there is no intrinsic value in it, not any sentimental value.

As the first step in this process, this blog moved from to further steps will include disabling of the email capabilities between now and the coming 6 months.

If I decide to pursue any commercial activities in the future, I'll register another more meaningful domain name.

I sure hope this first change goes well.


Johan said...

And we don't have anything to do? Asks mister 'digibeet'.



Alain said...

well, would love to read some stuff from u in the future. ;)


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