September 11, 2009


It’s been a while since I sat down to write something to for my blog. While I had a lot to say, not much of it had any relevance for people other than myself. This last week I finally found something worth voicing my opinion about.

As a member of the couchsurfing community, I’ve been following a thread about whether we should tell our guests that we’re gay or not.  There are nearly as many different opinions on the matter as there are participants in this whole thread. This thread was started over a month ago and is still going on.

This had led me to ask myself my personal reasons for volunteering personal information or not. When do I tell someone my nationality, ethnicity, age or sensual preference?

It has taken me over a month to finish writing this blog, because I couldn’t answer abovementioned question for myself. I kept coming up with different answers for different situations.

In the end I remember something my mum taught me. I am who I am, and those who don’t like it can take a hike. This in no way means that I set out to antagonize. I still think it would be foolish to go into a highly bigoted country, or city, and rub my sexuality under their nose. The same goes for people. People who are very bigoted or highly judgmental, don’t go past being acquaintances.

By no means do I kid myself into thinking that alert people will mistake me for being straight, I’m too much at ease with myself to hide my true self. I *do* turn my head to look at hot guys, just like a heterosexual man would turn and look at the ladies.

On the other hand, I’m sure that this might come as a shock to some of my readers. I’d say, you have to be pay more attention to what goes on around you.

In the end, my conclusion has to be that you have to be yourself and don’t allow anyone or anything to pressure you into any uncomfortable situation. It also takes some courage, to get the hell out of dodge when things start going pear-shaped.

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