March 14, 2010

Times flies, and other such trite remarks

I just realised how long it's been since I wrote anything on my blog. It's not as if there is nothing to blog about, but it's more a question of "where to start?"
A lot has been happened since my last blog. In this particular blog, I will tell a bit about (primarily) couchsurfing related stuff that's been happening.

In September last year, I attended the Bradderie de Lille couchsurfing meeting. Here I had a lot of fun and met some very nice people.  The photos depict just some of the attendees at some of the events organised that weekend.

After this weekend, I accepted the challenge and helped organise and coordinate the main event during of the Rotterdam CSinterklaas 2009 meeting. I guess you can say that the operation was a success but the patient nearly died. :) While I still believe in the couchsurfing ideals, I had had enough of CS and decided to try and be less involved. This lasted all of a week.
Aforementioned meeting took place the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December I was already attending a CS meeting in Zagreb.

I was in Zagreb visiting a CS'er I met in Lille and we sure had fun. I found the people met there, both couchsurfers and non-CS'ers, to be very pleasant and open people. Spending time with such a young and enthusiastic group, gave me hope and energy to continue with the project.

After returning home, I decided to stay involved, albeit a bit less than before. Nowadays, I mostly attend the bi-weekly meetings in my hometown.

As if to test my resolve, I was invited to another meeting to celebrate the New Year. This meeting took place in Belgium and was organised by a very bubbly and nice girl I met at the CSinterklaas meeting in Rotterdam. True to the spirit of NYE, we ate and drank a lot. We sure had fun trying to open fresh oysters without a special knife and without hurting ourselves.

Not CS-related but worth mentioning is meeting my former colleague and fellow blogger Johan the next day in Antwerp. While I still can say that I like the city, I have learned to see it through his eyes and have gained a new appreciation for it.
I still have the thank-you mail in my draft folder, but I hereby thank you openly. It was nice seeing you again and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
The last couchsurfing related bit of news is the return visit I got from my CS-friend from Zagreb. His visit goes to show that you can plan all you can, but things have a way of going completely in the other direction. His trip was planned beforehand, but at the last minute so much changed on my side of things that it was a real challenge for me to make sure he enjoyed his trip. I sincerely hope he did.
Not only couchsurfing related things happened to me the past couple of months, but they were the easiest to start with for now. I will try and write another blog soon about the other things that have been going on.
At the moment, I’m back in Dortmund visiting friends and have a great time. With all that has been happening, I really needed this weekend.

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Johan said...

Wow, you travel a lot throughout Europe. My only travel destinations for the past months have been Brussels and Rotterdam.

Glad to read you enjoyed Antwerp and as told you earlier: you're always invited to come along for a second, less touristic tour.

Good luck with everything you do.



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