June 23, 2009


First of all, I’ve missed writing for my blog. And now I will try to set aside time to regularly update.

The past couple of months, I’ve been busy with so many different things, that I’ve lost all balance in my life. Not a good thing to do, but in the past 6 weeks, things have started to normalise. At least, as much as they can normalise for me.


DSCF3127 On the professional front I can say that one of the most influential projects we’ve been working on, has finally taken place. We virtualized nearly all our servers and moved them off-premises. It took a lot of thinking and planning, but it’s been worth it.

In my private life: I’ve met a guy that summarises all I have been missing on my previous relationships. From long meaningful conversations to just lying together quietly on the beach. It’s helped me bring my life more in balance. Whether this grows into something more than a good friendship or not, at least I’ve had a calm period to ground myself again.


I still have some big projects at the office and my different life projects are still on ice, but I’ll get there.


Next Monday, I will publish a long overdue review of the book “Antwerpen,  stad naar mijn goesting”  written by my ex-colleague Johan Peters. The book is in Dutch and for once so will be my blog.

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Johan said...

I'm curious for your review :-). Thanks for the promotion!

Johan Peters

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