April 2, 2009

On moving away, moving on and "going for it"

It's been a while since I sat down and took the time to write another blog entry. But the timing is right. A lot has been happening and a lot will happen. Today I have really been taking about how we choose to live our lives and what we do to make our dreams come true.

Professionally these have been the busiest couple of months in year, they've also been quite fulfilling. And once this years projects have been delivered, I'm sure I'll be proud of what I've helped achieve.
As always there has been a price to pay. I haven't had the enough time nor energy left to spent with my family and friends.  Some family members moved away, others passed away, but that's life.

Moving away

Eight and a half years ago, it took me three days to decide to migrate to the Netherlands. I bought my ticket, we packed up house and moved "away."  This coming April 15th, it'll be 8 years since I arrived here in The Netherlands in search of a better life.  Things didn't turn out the way we had planned, but if life deals you lemons, you better learn to make lemonade. I still haven't achieved what I had planned back then, but I'm still working on it.

Moving on

Many of my fellow countrymen, come to The Netherlands to study and afterwards the go back to the island to live and work. Due to the whole crisis situation worldwide, people are taking jobs when and where ever they can get them. That's exactly what my best mate just did. After having been unlucky for the second month in a row, he got a job offer back home. We're sad to see him go, especially since it was all rather unplanned.  He hardly had time to say goodbye on the phone to most of his friends. Even so, he's moving on and we all wish him all the best. I guess I better start saving so I can attend his wedding in a year or so ;-)

Going for it

Had a very surprising and pleasant encounter today with the "King of Lemonade." A man who could have taken the easy way out and just at home and demand that everything be delivered to him on a silver plate. But he didn't and he doesn't. We used to work for the same organisation and I always admired his drive and his will to be a lot more. Journalist, writer, traveller and since may 2006 "gastarbeider" in Antwerp. Leaving the known behind and getting to grips in a whole new world. He just published his second book called "Antwerpen, stad naar mijn goesting"
I got myself an copy of this book too (and made him sign it.) In the near future I'll let you all know what I think about this book.

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Johan said...

It was nice to see you in person again yesterday.

I'm curious to hear what you think of my book. Since my life doesn't stand still in Antwerp either, I wish to make you and your readers aware of my almost daily Dutch blog: www.volkskrantblog.nl/blog/4180

A book is always a summary of events up to a certain point of time. My blog is the most accurate presentation of my Antwerp adventures.



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