August 10, 2008

Three 8's and a wedding

Last Friday, my cousin Regina got married in Rijsbergen. Naturally, we had to be there. What an adventure. We don't have a car, so we rented one and drove a little more than an hour in pouring rain to get there. Thank goddes for sat-nav, we would have been lost without it.

The wedding itself was nice and BIG.. With neighbours and family members from all over the country in attendance. It sure was nice to be together for the second time in a year. This was the first time in ages we were together for a happy occurrence.

The wedding was a "farmers wedding." Big tent on the lawn, I mean BIG. Hundreds, if not thousands, litres of beer. And plenty of food.

The bride and groom were transported in a brand new white stretch limo. And the guests in a real horse tram.

I took nearly one hundred candid shots and put some of them on-line in my picasa album.

The party lasted till the early hours of the morning and took place very close to the Belgian border. This prompted us to camp out in stead of driving all the way home after tiring day.

The following morning, we got up around 6:30 am and were on our way to Antwerp by 8 am.

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