August 26, 2008

Sense of life

These days, I've been thinking about the meaning (or lack thereof) of life.

When does life has meaning?
For some people it means being able to participate actively in day-to-day life.
For others it means leaving some kind of legacy behind.
Yet others, find it important to amass fame and fortune (and everything that goes with it.)

For me, I guess, it's about human interaction. To communicate with people around me. Not just words, but also opinions, ideas, feelings.

That brings me to the question: "When does life has no meaning to me?"
Does this mean that life has no meaning if I'm unable to communicate and interact with people around me?

I wish there were clear-cut answers for this. I'm a fighter by nature but sometimes, you get tired of fighting. It sometimes helps to take a breather and continue fighting.

But I can imagine that you could get pushed so far that you just give up.

Where is my limit? I haven't reached it. And by the goddes, I hope I never do.

So tell me reader? What is your meaning of life? What do YOU live for?

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