August 6, 2008


Last night, I received a very unpleasant surprise when I arrived home from work.

It was a very heavy day, with lots of issues to resolve at the office. Imagine my surprise, when I arrive home, just to find the neighbours standing outside on the gallery and beckoning me to come stand with them.

Once there, they tell me that the police had been come around to their apartment that morning and asked them questions about me. After these questions, the police forced my door and gained entry to my apartment.

I just couldn't believe my ears! I told them to quit joking, since I've had a hard day and wasn't in the mood for such jokes. They just told me to check my door, since I've been left a note. Indeed, there was a note stuck on my door, stating that they gained entry and had changed my locks. The keys could be picked up at the local police station, across the street.

After getting my new set of keys, I got news tat they suspected I might have had illegal marijuana plants in my apartment. I was gob smacked! I was furious! I was hurt!

Contrary to my Internet persona, I'm a very private person. I have heavy drapes in my windows, so that no one can catch a glimpse of what's happening in my sanctuary. And once at home, I try not to be a bother to anyone.
Imagine the shame! The police talking to me neighbours as if I'm a big time criminal.
Imagine the shame! Having strangers walking through my space without me being there!

Today, I called the police and asked for clarification.
Their reasons to go in were:
  • they couldn't see into my apartment,
  • because I had my balcony door open, there was a lot of air rushing through the vents onto the gallery.
  • I have a big old server in the room next to the gallery, and it seems it makes a lot of noise AND...
  • I use a lot of electricity, much more than my neighbours. DUH!!! I run a server 24/7 and I have leave my PC on 24/7 also.
As if these weren't enough, it seems the city has my apartment on some kind of watch list.. Don't ask me why!

They might have been right with their check-list, but it sure as hell doesn't make it easier for me.

I feel violated, invaded... the peace and quiet and my sense of privacy has been lost. I sure hope to get it back.

And still, I wonder.... Why the hell am I on a watch list? And why the hell did they decide to investigate my apartment and not another one?

For now.. I'm physically ill with and still quite pissed off.
Needless to say: I don't have nor have ever had any marijuana plants!
Even my cactuses die. :)

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