July 14, 2015

Family fun

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with two of my favourite people doing some of my favourite things.

My mum, youngest brother and I went to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and attended a superb concert by Izaline Calister. My mother loved every minute of it. As for my brother, he got hooked early on and sure enjoyed himself. Me? I already told you it was superb!

Smiles, laughter and tears. All were evoked by this barefooted, charismatic and stubborn lady. It was nice to see people who don't speak my (our) language nor naturally feel the rhythm enjoy themselves. 

Food for our outing was hit and miss. Burgers at Burger Bar in Warmoesstraat we delicious, the fries were meh and glassy. My mum surely enjoyed her surprise bubbly and sushi snack during the break. 

Me? I was happy because I was able to give happiness to people I care about.

Next concert will also be in Amsterdam, august 12th, It will be Mariza in the Concertgebouw. There might be some tickets available. 

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