April 24, 2015

Plight of the immigrant

Without a clear plan you leave the country of your birth?
Without clear prospects of a new one, you leave your present job?
You don't know where you'll end up living?
You don't know if you'll find a job?
You took all your savings and invested in a one-way ticket?
You took a big risk and there's no way back?
Without knowing what the future might bring?
Without knowing how you will survive?
The way people are voicing their opinion on (illegal) migrants these days, you would think migrating is a capital crime. You would think that trying by any means possible to escape a dangerous or hopeless situation is a capital crime. A crime to be punished by death.

How dare they? How dare they take desperate measures in trying to find a better life? How dare they dream of  coming here and taking our jobs? How dare they expect us to help them out for a short while if things go pear-shape? How dare they?

They dare! They dare. because they are humans beings just like you and me. They dare, because they're not the first and will certainly not be the last. The human race spread around the globe because we DARED! Because Homo Sapiens has always felt the urge to trek, always had the urge to see what's over the  next hill. And HOmo Sapiens recognized that building societies made us ALL better.

Some of my ancestors were moved forcefully to the Caribbean. Some others moved of their own volition, trying to find a better life. Early 19th century, travelling over 8000 km's was not without dangers, and yet it was done.  Whatever their reasons and circumstances, their descendants are making the best of it and we're still going strong. And we're still travelling and making a living and life for ourselves all over the world, from China to United States.

I recognize everyones' right to find a life, a better life.

And before you start putting blame and rejoicing in another's misfortune, remember that even so called wild animals are capable of showing compassion.

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