October 10, 2012

I could have been your bunkmate

It's weird how life goes. I went to watch a movie tonight, expecting to relate to the younger character in his dealings with his father. I ended up seeing a portrayal of how my life could have gone a couple of months ago.

I wont be divulging the plot of the movie (Being Flynn), see it for yourself.

I recognized so much of my past situations and dealings of the last 3 years in the plot that it became quite scary. I could easily see myself sleeping on a bench in a park, in the heart of winter. Or in a homeless shelter, sharing a bunk-bed with a guy I've never see before. All the sleepless nights, the wandering around. All looked so familiar and yet so foreign. It was like realizing what lies beyond the bend in the road.

This film made me quite sad, yet at the same time it helped me pick up my spirits. Yes! It could have been that bad or even worse, But it didn't get to be like that.

Why not? You ask?
Because I loved myself enough not to let it get that far. Now I realize that.

I still have ways to go on my way to recovery, but I' m getting there. Slowly, but surely.

I'm well aware of the fact that this entry is not up to the standard of many of my previous ones. But this one is all about that "I coulda been your bunkmate"

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