December 26, 2011

One tool to rule them all

It's incredible how much of how personal information is being aggregated nowadays. Worst part of it, is that we're doing most of it ourselves. Albeit, with the 'help' of certain big corporations. Facebook, Picasa, Blogger, Google+, LinkedIn etc etc, we're being given the choice to connect them and 'manage' our information better. But should we really be doing this? Have we really thought about all we're putting together.

With all the information we're putting 'out there' on the net, I wonder what the next generation  of secret questions are going to be for password recovery. It's hard to choose "What is your mother's maiden-name" when your mom is on your Facebook list and sharing information like that herself.

I've been using a set of tools to facilitate keeping my address-book and birthday calender up to date, but sometimes they really scare me. And I mean they REALLY scare me.

Just imagine the following:
You meet a nice guy or girl in a bar and you exchange first name and e-mail address. By next morning, you know this person's last name, date of birth and place of work. All, without having to do a lot of digging around. Or, even worse, without any extra effort. All because this person's information is publicly available on the internet and interconnected. 

At one time or another, we all say that we have nothing to hide. But is that really so? It doesn't necessarily  mean that we want all our information indiscriminately available for all and sundry.

So next time you put your information out here on the Internet, think what you are sharing and who you are sharing it with. It might even be a good idea to compartmentalize different aspects of your private life. At least, try to keep professional and private information apart from each other.

I might be overreacting, but decide for yourself. Google yourself and see if you were aware of all the info that you find shared.


Zelfstandig journalist Antwerpen said...

Je hebt gelijk. Ik kom mezelf tegen op sites waar ik het bestaan helemaal niet van afwist. Zolang het bij een e-mailadres blijft, vind ik het niet zo erg. Mijn woonadres en telefoonnummers geef ik niet zomaar prijs.

By the way: ik krijg geen updates meer wanneer je een nieuw blog hebt geplaatst. Vroeger ontving ik een mail. Voorzichtigheidshalve afgeschaft die melding :-)?

Unknown said...

JP, het koste me geen 10 minuten zoeken op internet hoor. In jouw geval ook moeilijk tegen te houden door je neven activiteiten.

Ik zit met de blog midden in een migratie. Ik probeer het over te zetten naar mijn google apps en het gaat nog neit over een leien dakje.

Zelfstandig journalist Antwerpen said...

Maar jij wist al waar ik woon :-). Succes met de migratie. Gaat je vast wel lukken.

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