January 27, 2009

When it rains…

It frigging pours!!

Just imagine this:

  • you start work 8:30
  • it takes you
    • 45 minutes to an hour to get to work.
    • 30 minutes (at least) to wake up and ready

What do you think happens when you wake up at 8 am in the morning on a working day?

Well, I get up rush to the train station and get tickets in time for the 8:32 train… And the fucking is delayed. Not only was this train delayed, the next one too.

In the end, I end up rushing in 45 minutes after I was supposed to start working.

All because I didn’t hear any of my alarms go off.

Maybe I should just tape one of them to my forehead ;)

Today I just wanted to rant a bit.

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